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Zero to Crorpati 
iMastermind Training

Who can join this program

Any individual men or women having burning desire to become RICH and ready to put all their efforts to fulfil their desire can join this "Zero to Crorpati" imastermind training program.

ELIGIBILITY : This Fortnightly iMastermid program is  primarily designed for all individual men and womens who wants to take the charge of their life and wants to become RICH, Succeddful and Satisfied. It does not matter what is their qualification and experiance. whether they are employed or job less. The only thing which matters is "R U ready to become RICH"

In this 21 week program is you are coached and trained on 07 different Skills and Capability you must have to become a fRICH person.

Become RICH and grow your Business
Coached and Mentored by – Dr. Dhirendra Gautam 

Benefits after attainding this 

By attending this program you will learn how to:

  • You are on the patth of becoming Rich within definite timeline
  • You know what you are doing and when you are going to be successful.
  • You will have a better lifestyle
  • You can fulfill all your desire and desire of your dependents.
  • You become a succeeful man / Women.
  • You can do charity for the unprevelaged 
  • You can create a better world for the future generation
  • You have a Healthy life
  • You can live longer
  • You become a satisfied person and
  • Your life becomed fulfilled  

Seven Individual Capabilities for becoming RICH

  1. Time Management
    Time is the scarcest resource in this universe. Every one of us has been given 24 hours every day, now it depends on us how wisely we utilize this 24 hours to fulfill our desire to become Successful and Rich.
  2. Financial Management
    Life is all about financial management, how to earn money, how to expense money, how to invest money and how to generate passive income and become financial free.
  3. Marketing Skill for Success
    How good you are does not make any sense unless you are able to market your capabilities to others. Unless they know you strengths they will not engage with you. Learn how to market you self to becoming rich.
  4. Goals setting for becoming RICH
    How to develop the burning desire for becoming Rich, setting goals for life time, the tangible and intangible you want in your life. How to channelize you mind, body and soul to achive you goal for becoming rich.
  5. Relationship Management
    Human being are social animals we live in society and develop relationship with other individual male and females. these relationship are most of the time not in our hand / control made by god but we need to take care of our relationship for our success.
  6. Performance Management
    Managing you self, your team and relation and optimizing them continuously is the only way to keep your richness. how to evaluate your self you team and upgrade their performance to success.
  7. Health and Spirituality
    Good health and spirituality is the way of "Fulfilment" it does not matter how rich and successful you are it is only your good health and spirituality is going to provide you the Satisfaction.

The main features of the program

  • Do it as per you convenience, 21 Week  2 Hour each weeek, Live Online and inclass room training and Coaching Program 
  • Personally Trained by Dr. Dhirendra Gautam who has been a iMastermind Coach, Trainer and Mentor
  • Live Interactive Audio/Visual Coaching through WebEx, Skype or Gotomeeting
  • Participation from the Privacy and Comfort of Your Home on Weekends
  • One “ Zero to Crorpati Capability” Covered for Three Week to understand, implement and Follow up.
  • Practical case study relevant to the topics to be covered and discussed interactively
  • Two 30 Minute Private One-on-One Mentoring Sessions with the Program Director & Mentor  Dr. Dhirendra Gautam.
  • One 60 Minute Weekly Interactive Coaching Sessions “Open House with Dr. Gautam”

Program Fees

  • Rs. 30,000/-  For  this 21 weeks  Online Program offered online through webex.
  • Rs. 60,000/-  For  this 21 weeks  Classroom  Program
  • To see if you are eligible, send your CV to Email -imastermind@indiba.in     or 
  • Call  Ms. Jyoti or Mr. Gaurav the  Program Director at +91 8356056558, or
  • No payment is required for registration only after confirmation.
  • You will be informed in 24 hours if you meet the eligibility for this program

Contact us for any clarification

  • ​​Call Ms. Jyoti  at   +91 8356056558
  • Send  Email  at   imastermind@indiba.in
  • Visit us at  www.dhirendragautam.com 
Dr Dhirendra Gautam - corporate Trainer,Mentor & Advisor