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Leading & Managing your financial Organization

Who can join this program

This Program is the 2nd out of FOUR finance leadership development program (FLDP) offered by Global CFO Academy.

: This 15 weeks finance leadership development program (FLDP) is primarily designed for Finance professionals who are technically very sound and looking forward to take charge of a bigger finance organization and manage the entire accounts, finance, costing, MIS etc. functions as GM / Controller / Country / regional finance head role and ultimately a CFO within next 5 years. 

In this 15 week program you are coached and trained on Four Financial Capability and Five leadership competencies you must have to become a future finance leader and CFO

Become a future finance Leader
Coached and Mentored by – Dr. Dhirendra Gautam 

Benefits after attainding this 

By attending this program you will learn how to:
  • Lead and manage the complex finance department  for big corporate at regional and global level.
  • Structure the finance department with capable finance leaders who can deliver growth.
  • Effectively uses the robust IT and ERP system to produce the financial result in time with high level of accuracy.
  • The program is designed to equip you with the most practical tools and strategies in the shortest possible time to master the leadership skills.
  • The finance executives and current CFOs who want to sharpen their strategic and leadership skills will also substantially benefit from this program

Five Leadership Competencies & Four Financial Capabilities

  1. Holding People Accountable
    Ensure that goals and expectations are clear and that individuals are consistently measured and rewarded for achieving them. They are committed to holding themselves and others accountable for delivering agreed growth objectives
  2. Empowering Others
    Sees in every person the potential to grow and develop, and demonstrates trust in people’s capabilities. Delegate responsibility so that others are free to innovate and to take the lead to achieve business goals
  3. Finance Organizational Development
    Effectively uses performance criteria to hire and advance potential leaders and to diagnose skill gaps at the level of the finance function and the individual, addressing these gaps through targeted training, mentoring, and coaching
  4. Finance Resource Allocation
    Employ performance measurement systems to evaluate finance value creation across key areas in order to periodically reallocate resources to areas of greatest need.
  5. Finance Organizational Structure
    Build finance team’s organizational structure to supports achievement of key priorities by facilitating collaboration and balancing flexibility and specialization requirements
  6. Seizing the Future
    keeps informed and aware of internal and external environment and changes in order to visualise the future. proactively takes action to ensure they are the first to capitalise on growth opportunities
  7. Change Catalyst
    A Change Catalyst, energising themselves and others towards new, better ways of operating and of generating growth. Motivates and mobilises self/others & communicates the benefits of change to achieve business improvements.
  8. Developing Self & Others
    committed to developing people, including self and to helping others to learn, They take personal responsibility for coaching and mentoring future leaders and are enthusiastic about seeing others grow.
  9. Finance IT Management
    Maintain a scalable technology architecture that supports key finance process automation and centralizes strategic information collection and dissemination..

The main features of the program

  • Do it as per you convenience, A 15 Week 30 Hour, Live Online Coaching Program 
  • Personally taught by Dr. Dhirendra Gautam who has been a Global CFO, Corporate Advisor, and a prominent CFO Leadership Coach, Trainer and Mentor
  • Live Interactive Audio/Visual Coaching through WebEx, Skype or Gotomeeting
  • Participation from the Privacy and Comfort of Your Home on Weekends
  • One “Finance Leadership Capability” Competency Covered Each Week with Follow up Readings and Assignments.
  • Practical corporate case study relevant to the topics to be covered and discussed interactively
  • Two 30 Minute Private One-on-One Mentoring Sessions with the Program Director & Mentor  Dr. Dhirendra Gautam.
  • One 60 Minute Weekly Interactive Coaching Sessions “Open House with Dr. Gautam”
  • This 12-week CFO Leadership Coaching program has been designed to provide you the necessary tools and relevant knowledge to help you take charge of your career and self leadership development process to accelerate your career growth and become a successful finance leader and CFO in future.

Program Fees

  • Rs. 37,500/-  For  this 15 weeks “Leading and Managing your financial organization”  Program  which is Rs. 2500 per week per participant (per capability)
  • 15% Discount available for one-time payment of Rs. 31,875/-(a saving of  Rs. 5,625/-).
  • To see if you are eligible, send your CV to info@globalcfoacademy.com    or 
  • Call  Ms. Jyoti or Mr. Gaurav the  Program Director at +91 9987454045, or
  • No payment is required for registration only after confirmation.
  • You will be informed in 24 hours if you meet the eligibility for this program

Contact us for any clarification

  • ​​Call Ms. Jyoti  at   +91 22 60222040 / +91 9987454045
  • Send  Email  at   info@globalcfoacademy.com​​   
  • Visit us at  www.globalcfoacademy.com 
  • 203, Chawala Complex, Sector 15, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400614

Contact us for any clarification

Dr Dhirendra Gautam - corporate Trainer,Mentor & Advisor